The Lomond Practice is currently going through a clinical staff shortage with reduced GP cover. In the last 6 months, we have lost 2 GPs due to one retiring and one moving to England. This is a loss of at least 100 patient appointments each week. We have been actively trying to recruit replacements but as you may be aware, there is a national shortage of GPs by up to as much as 800 in Scotland, and replacements are very hard to find. Our GPs have also taken on extra shifts to help cover some of the gaps during this difficult period.

We also actively seek locum cover to fill any gaps in our GP cover but this is not always possible.

During Winter, it is common that GP Practices are busier than normal due to an increase in respiratory viruses. In addition, they are having to deal with a backlog of issues presenting because of the Covid pandemic and the restrictions placed upon us.

The purpose of this announcement is to ask that you bear this in mind as we have reduced appointment availability. Please be patient and understanding with the Reception Staff who are working under extreme circumstances with limited resources.  We care and empathise with all our patients and our aim is always to try and resolve your concerns as quickly as possible.

We must stress that we do not want you to stop calling us for treatment as a result of this reduction in appointment availability.